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    Curve Fever: The Tribunal

    15.04 2014

    Tribunal voting screen

    Introducing the new website: The tribunal for the Curve Fever online game.

    The Tribunal is the place where all the Curve Fever chat-abuse reports end up. After a player receives several reports, a Tribunal case is opened with all of its reported chat logs and report descriptions. Here, you, the player of Curve Fever can judge on these cases. You decide whether the behavior of the player is acceptable or not! As a reward, you will receive Curve Fever coins for your votes. Everyone who played 100 games can become a Tribunal judge.

    The website is gathering all the reports that are coming directly from the game (few thousands per day) and connecting them with the reported users. If one user gets several reports from different game rooms, the Tribunal opens a case and add it to the pooling system. Tribunal judges are reviewing these cases using the chat logs saved from the reported rooms and deciding whether they want to have the player punished or not. After some time the Tribunal closes the report and bans the player if it matches the community decision. Judges who voted correctly (same as the statistical majority of the community) receive 5 Curve Fever game coins for their work.

    With this solution the community itself can decide what kind of behaviour is acceptable in the in-game chat. Moreover, the system is fully automated and doesn’t require any work from busy Curve Fever moderators.

    How the Tribunal works

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