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    Archive for the ‘News’ Category

    Puzzle Block Multiplayer Game

    2014 - 12.04


    Hi, I find real-time games made with html5 pretty interesting so I made my own online multiplayer puzzle block game using javascript and websockets. The game is pretty simple, but should be faster than other block games. I think there are many people who like trying different block games so you can tell your opinion about this one. Here are the key features of the game

    Play the game!

    Game features:
    – puzzle block game core
    – Super Rotation System
    – 5 previews
    – hold function
    – lock delay
    – ghost piece
    – bag randomizer
    – customizable controls
    – customizable DAS
    – remembers the settings
    – Multiplayer:
    – attack values should be same as TF, incl. combo table
    – possible to block incoming garbage (E+ on TF)
    – multiple game rooms, lobby
    – real-time fields of other players, target
    – private rooms (join via URL)
    – room chat (pressing -Enter- key switches between chat/game focus)
    – you can set your nickname
    – game results (wins counter, lines sent / received, time)
    – notification when player joins (when waiting for someone)
    – no time limit, no solid garbage

    Comments or questions you may have:

    There is a bug
    The game has been made from scratch in my free time in last 2 weeks. I would call this as an alpha-release, because it fits the wikipedia definition: Alpha software can be unstable and could cause crashes.

    Game doesn’t work for me
    – You need to use a browser that supports HTML5 and websocket protocol RFC6455 (all modern browsers support it).
    – Server runs or port 9001, the strictest firewalls can block it
    – I have no idea how many players can the game server handle, it might be down already

    How is the game made?
    Game is using Python websocket server, what you play on is javascript drawing on html5 canvas.

    Game freezes / my lines are not sent
    – Game has “afk protection” – if you stay some time on another browser tab it will trigger same event as when you top out (when you come back to the game tab, it will appear to be frozen).
    – When you join the room with playing player/s your game will appear to be frozen, other players see you as topped out and you will start playing on the next round.

    Curve Fever: The Tribunal

    2014 - 04.15

    Tribunal voting screen

    Introducing the new website: The tribunal for the Curve Fever online game.

    The Tribunal is the place where all the Curve Fever chat-abuse reports end up. After a player receives several reports, a Tribunal case is opened with all of its reported chat logs and report descriptions. Here, you, the player of Curve Fever can judge on these cases. You decide whether the behavior of the player is acceptable or not! As a reward, you will receive Curve Fever coins for your votes. Everyone who played 100 games can become a Tribunal judge.

    The website is gathering all the reports that are coming directly from the game (few thousands per day) and connecting them with the reported users. If one user gets several reports from different game rooms, the Tribunal opens a case and add it to the pooling system. Tribunal judges are reviewing these cases using the chat logs saved from the reported rooms and deciding whether they want to have the player punished or not. After some time the Tribunal closes the report and bans the player if it matches the community decision. Judges who voted correctly (same as the statistical majority of the community) receive 5 Curve Fever game coins for their work.

    With this solution the community itself can decide what kind of behaviour is acceptable in the in-game chat. Moreover, the system is fully automated and doesn’t require any work from busy Curve Fever moderators.

    How the Tribunal works

    Curve Clans web is searching for new team members

    2014 - 01.31

    Curve Fever Clans is a part of Curvefever Community. We have been working on this project since May 2013. We have already provided over 13.000 clanmatches for over 20.000 users. The site is growing fast and thats why we are searching for new members of our team.

    Click the link bellow to view the full poster with detailed information.

    Happy New Year

    2014 - 01.01

    Thanks for using all services provided by Jezevec10.com and Happy New Year 2014 to everyone!


    2013 - 09.08

    Jezevec10.com presents brand new website project: The Curvefever Clans. This site is in partnership with quite popular Curvefever game and you can access it directly from the main page of Curvefever.

    Hey, time has finally  come! You can register your clan at: http://clans.curvefever.com. Play clanwars against other clans and join the rankings.

    This website gives clans and its players an opportunity to play clanwars by challenging clans, play clan tournaments, track clan results and players on a clan page, stay in touch with other players and many other features.

    Main Site Features:

    • Easy registrations connected with Curvefever (no double accounts).
    • System of clan-leaders.
    • Approval of new clan players by clan-leaders to prevent invasion of uninvited players.
    • Advanced clan-rating system.
    • Advanced challenging system:
      • Sending adjusted challenges to other clans.
      • Option to accept, reject or edit & send back incoming challenges.
      • Option to create a Quick challenge, that everyone can accept.
    • Match chat, that only participants of the particular match can see.
    • Clan chat, that only members of the particular clan can see.
    • Lobby chat, that every user of this site can see.
    • Entering match results only by pasting Curvefever match link.
    • Clan statistics and results on its Clan page.
    • Option for Clan leader to publish clan notice, that every clan member can see.
    • Option for Clan leader to kick clan members.
    • Option for Clan leader to transfer his clan-leadership to other clan member.
    • Option for Clan leader to set the clan name and description.
    • Messaging system.
    • Tournament system.
    • Dashboard feature for every user.
    • Synoptical list of all played clanwars and filterable list of users.
    • Easy-to-understand Help section.
    • And much more.


    Clans.curvefever.com – CurveFever clans
    Curvefever.com – Main page of Curvefever.com
    Clans topic on Curvefever forums – Topic about CurveFever clans on Curvefever forums