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    Archive for the ‘Apps’ Category

    Wisdom Quotes

    2014 - 02.16
    With this new application for Asha devices you can explore famous wisdom quotes. Application displays 10 random quotes every time you click on refresh button. Contains thousands of different wisdom quotes + their authors.

    Application is available for free in the Nokia store.

    Nokia Asha software platforms 1.0 and 1.1.1

    2013 - 12.12

    Update: S40 apps from Jezevec10.com are now available also for Nokia Asha 500, 501, 502, and 503.

    First 100 000 Downloads

    2013 - 08.16

    Today I’ve reached first 100 000 downloads from Nokia store. Applications from Jezevec10.com have been downloaded by people from over 180 countries all over the world, but most downloads came from India, Thailand and Indonesia (which are countries with high occurrence of Symbian devices). The most successful were guitar apps (tag guitar). Next milestone is one million so let’s see how long will it take.

    Thanks for downloading apps made by Jezevec10.com.

    Jezevec10’s Publisher Profile

    Ukulele Tuner for S40

    2013 - 07.18

    We’ve just released Ukulele Tuner also for S40 Asha devices. It will be available in Nokia store in a few days.

    Guitar Tuner for S40

    2013 - 05.09

    big-icon First application for the S40 platform!
    Plays tuning notes for guitar EADGBE. Full-touch app for S40 Asha devices. You can tune your guitar by playing all of main guitare tuning notes.


    Word Soccer

    2013 - 04.06

    In Word Soccer you have to write existing english word beginning with specified letter. You are playing against computer – how many rounds can you survive?

    – Choose from 3 difficulty levels (no time limit, 10 sec, 5 sec limit)
    – Letter you have to use first in your word is highlighted on your keyboard.
    – Use your 3 lifes.
    – The Wordlist with about 80 000 english words is used for checking your words.
    – Upload your score and compare yourself with people around the world in the online leaderboard!


    Word Soccer Game



    Check the game Leaderboard here!

    Scrabble Helper

    2013 - 03.28

    This application can help you in the game of Scrabble, Word Soccer or any other game based on creating words from letters. Just type in your letters and app will find existing words. Application contains word lists for ENGLISH, GERMAN and CZECH. Then you can sort generated words alphabetically or by lenght and you can also enable showing estimated scrabble points for each word.


    Type your letters


    Generated words


    App Options


    Math Sprint

    2013 - 03.20

    How fast is your brain? Use this simple game to train speed of your math skills. Click on the red button, if showed equation is false or on the green one, if its true. How fast can you solve 20 tasks? You get +15 penalty seconds for every wrong answer. Supports addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Application contains also games history and high scores. Train your brain and become a math pro!


    Guitar Apps

    2013 - 03.07

    Application for displaying guitar chords. Application contains 96 basic chords. A, Bb, B, C, C#, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab with variations major, 6, 7, +, dim, m, m7, maj7. Can be used only for guitar with standard EADGBE tuning.

    If you are having chords confusion: Bb = A#; C# = Db; F# = Gb; Ab = G# and B in US = H in Europe.

    Guitar chords

    Guitar chords

    Guitar chords

    Guitar chords


    Guitar Tuner

    Plays tuning notes for guitar EADGBE. You can tune your guitare by playing all of main guitare tuning notes.


    Meow SoundBoard

    2013 - 02.20

    Soundboard of real cat meows. Contains 28 sounds of meowing. Sounds are real, recorded from the real cat. No artificial sounds are used. Use to talk with your own cat or to confuse some dogs.