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    Archive for December, 2014

    Puzzle Block Multiplayer Game

    2014 - 12.04


    Hi, I find real-time games made with html5 pretty interesting so I made my own online multiplayer puzzle block game using javascript and websockets. The game is pretty simple, but should be faster than other block games. I think there are many people who like trying different block games so you can tell your opinion about this one. Here are the key features of the game

    Play the game!

    Game features:
    – puzzle block game core
    – Super Rotation System
    – 5 previews
    – hold function
    – lock delay
    – ghost piece
    – bag randomizer
    – customizable controls
    – customizable DAS
    – remembers the settings
    – Multiplayer:
    – attack values should be same as TF, incl. combo table
    – possible to block incoming garbage (E+ on TF)
    – multiple game rooms, lobby
    – real-time fields of other players, target
    – private rooms (join via URL)
    – room chat (pressing -Enter- key switches between chat/game focus)
    – you can set your nickname
    – game results (wins counter, lines sent / received, time)
    – notification when player joins (when waiting for someone)
    – no time limit, no solid garbage

    Comments or questions you may have:

    There is a bug
    The game has been made from scratch in my free time in last 2 weeks. I would call this as an alpha-release, because it fits the wikipedia definition: Alpha software can be unstable and could cause crashes.

    Game doesn’t work for me
    – You need to use a browser that supports HTML5 and websocket protocol RFC6455 (all modern browsers support it).
    – Server runs or port 9001, the strictest firewalls can block it
    – I have no idea how many players can the game server handle, it might be down already

    How is the game made?
    Game is using Python websocket server, what you play on is javascript drawing on html5 canvas.

    Game freezes / my lines are not sent
    – Game has “afk protection” – if you stay some time on another browser tab it will trigger same event as when you top out (when you come back to the game tab, it will appear to be frozen).
    – When you join the room with playing player/s your game will appear to be frozen, other players see you as topped out and you will start playing on the next round.