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    Archive for April, 2013

    Site Maintenance

    2013 - 04.24

    This site is getting more than 90% visitors from non-czech speaking countries. Thats why I am going to set english as a default language on this site and make some other site content changes.

    English () has been set as a default language on this site.

    Word Soccer

    2013 - 04.06

    In Word Soccer you have to write existing english word beginning with specified letter. You are playing against computer – how many rounds can you survive?

    – Choose from 3 difficulty levels (no time limit, 10 sec, 5 sec limit)
    – Letter you have to use first in your word is highlighted on your keyboard.
    – Use your 3 lifes.
    – The Wordlist with about 80 000 english words is used for checking your words.
    – Upload your score and compare yourself with people around the world in the online leaderboard!


    Word Soccer Game



    Check the game Leaderboard here!